April 15 – April 21

Sunday – Nothing planned

Monday – Tortellini and Chicken Supper (from: 1001 Fast Easy Recipes [found here at Amazon] page 273)

Tuesday – Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup (from: Better Homes and Gardens: Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes [found here at Amazon] page 297)

Wednesday – Spinach & Lentil Tortellini Soup (from: BHG – Crock Pot; page 49)

Thursday – Spinach Lasagna (from: Better Homes and Gardens: New CookBook – page 352; back of a box of lasagna noodles)

Friday – Creamy Chicken & Dumplings (from: BHG – Crock Pot; page 360)

Saturday – Bacon Wrapped Chicken (from: 1001 FER; page 237)

Shopping List:
• 2- 9oz package ref. tortellini (to save money buy a bigger package and separate as you cook through the week – this is what we did)
• 1 – 10oz package froz. Peas (we bought a slightly bigger bag to add more peas [veggies] to this meal – but you can also buy more to save money and use for another recipe [chicken and dumpling soup] later this week)
• 2 – 8oz tub cream cheese w/chive & onion (again you can buy bigger to save money and only measure out what you need for the recipe – or you can buy indv. tubs)
• 1 tsp Creole seasonings (if you want to add this seasoning you can buy it – we chose to skip it and the meal turned out fine)
• sour cream (we bought a small tub since you only need ½ cup and we had no anticipation to use the rest during the week and didn’t want to waste)
• 9oz frozen chicken breast (if you don’t want to use frozen you can buy fresh chicken and pre-cook it for your meals for the week – the meals this week won’t be harmed by “pre-cooked” meat)
• 7 boneless/skinless chicken breast halves (this is what you need to cover most of the recipes, however if you want to pre-cook the 9oz above buy another breast)
• Butter (in case you don’t have any in your fridge; we always buy real butter – never margarine, but to each their own)
• 6 bacon strips (we love bacon so we bought more)
• 3 cans condensed creamy soup (I like to buy these on sale with coupons, so bulk up, OR make your own [you can use BHG:New CookBook or a website such as: Creators)
• 2c. cooked chicken (again you can buy pre-cooked chicken or just buy more when you pick up your raw chicken [some grocers/farmers discount meat when you buy in bulk])
• 9-10oz frozen mixed veggies (we always buy bigger bags, like 12-14oz… but we like veggies in this soup)
• Pepper (just in case you don’t have any laying around)
• Dried egg noodles (you’ll only use half a bag so you don’t have to buy huge, unless you LOVE this meal like we do then buy big)
• Broth (or you can make your own – I found a great/simple way to make our own in a baby food book [The Baby Food Bible {found here at Amazon} – pages 131 & 132]
• Dried lentils (we buy these in bulk too – just in case)
• Carrots (to cover all your recipes buy a 1lb bag – you can always use leftovers as appetizers….mmmm)
• 2 Onions (large or med would do fine)
• Canadian ham (4oz small package – this was hard for me to find)
• Garlic (in case you don’t have any in your spice cupboard)
• Basil (fresh is better – but if you are like me you might only have dry)
• Thyme (see above comment)
• 4 cups fresh spinach
• Flour (in case you don’t have any on hand)
• Celery (a small amount is fine since you won’t need too much)
• 4.5oz ref. biscuits
• 1c. froz. Peas (again you can buy this separate or with your peas up top)

**Since this week is almost up AND we have already done all the shopping for these meals the price est (I didn’t save the receipts) was around $100 for the week [remember this is feeding FOUR people] if you are feeding more or less you can adjust the recipes.  Your price could also adjust if you have left over ingredients from a  previous week OR if you have all the spices/extras lying around.  We also bought the bulk of what we needed at the local market [Ken’s Market] and the minor stuff that Ken’s didn’t cover we bought at Meijer.


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