April 22 – 28


Monday – Broccoli cheese polenta pizza – Fast Weeknight Favorites – page 258
Tuesday – Chicken/asparagus strata – BHG: New Cookbook – page 238
Wednesday – Savory stuffed loaf – Great American Home Baking – card 13 of main dishes
Thursday – Asparagus and artichoke quiche – The Essential Baking Cookbook – page 201
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – Turkey/broccoli filled lasagna rolls – BHG: New Cookbook – page 355
Sunday – Spinach and Chicken lasagna stacks – FWF – page 136


• Onions x3
• Black olives
• Frozen bread dough x1
• Bread crumbs
• Plum tomatoes x3
• Ricotta cheese (part skim) x2
• Polenta (16oz)
• Asparagus x1 bunch
• Artichoke hearts 4oz
• Cream
• Gruyere cheese (or comte or beaufort OR swiss)
• Lemon
• 4 english muffins
• Swiss cheese
• Ground turkey 6oz
• Lasagna noodles
• Small red pepper
• Chicken WHOLE
• Leeks x2

*This list is not complete shopping list, due to the fact we have some ingredients at home already (i.e. butter, flour, corn starch, spaghetti sauce, etc)  PLEASE review the recipes you want to make PRIOR to shopping to ensure YOUR list is COMPLETE


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