getting into the habit…

So to form our foundation for this little experiment we got into the habit of pre-planning meals and buying local, etc.  Well to get into the habit of blogging I am going to start blogging NOW, asap!!  So what you see me blogging are our weekly menus/shopping lists/recipes/reviews of the meals/etc.  Since our experiment doesn’t truly start until May 5th, when the market is back into full swing, most of our ingredients will be from a small grocer down the street, perhaps some from the “small” market held on only Sat.  So it will be meals from the local market, for now…  Of course we will stick to trying to buy everything local (sometimes that means not from MI [if it isn’t in season here] but from somewhere in the USA).  [You should see us at the market checking over stuff, we actually look for USA printed SOMEWHERE on the box/bag/container – why buy produce shipped her from Chile, or Mexico, or somewhere else?]  This might mean we are spending more on food, but we shall see where things end up.  Again this is an experiment, an ongoing test of ourselves… a test to see if we can eat seasonally and locally.  Will we survive…? 😉


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