Tortellini & Chicken Supper

9 oz pack. Ref cheese tortellini
10 oz froz. Peas (we used 16 ozs of peas… LOVED the extra peas)
8 oz carton cream cheese with chives/onions
½ cup sour cream
½ tsp Creole seasoning (we did NOT use this)
9 oz cooked chicken (calls for frozen – but use what you want)

1. cook the chicken to your liking (9 oz of chicken) the recipe calls for frozen chicken and that is what we used – we cooked the chicken by boiling it

2. cook the tortellini (9 oz) according to package (or until desired softness) we cooked ours a bit longer (approx 5 mins)

3. heat the peas (the recipe states to heat the peas by pouring the hot tortellini water over them, BUT we just threw the peas in with the tortellini and that worked out well enough)

4. drain everything

5. heat sour cream/cream cheese in same pot (YES this is a ONE pot meal – if you make it the way we did) [I did add a bit more cream cheese, we had some left over from bagels when my mom visited and I didn’t want it to go bad and with the extra peas the extra cream is good to have.  Josh also bought fat free sour cream for this recipe]

6. toss in chicken, peas and tortellini and serve (we topped ours with fresh parmesan!! – we LOVE cheese)

*adapted from 1001 FER – page 273


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