Week of April 15 – 21 menu in review…

So how did this week of meals turn out you ask… well here we go…

Sunday – we didn’t plan a meal on Sunday because we were headed out with our kiddos and our oldest son’s girlfriend to visit a local museum and therefore we planned on eating out

Monday – Tortellini and Chicken Supper – this meal wasn’t too bad.  It was a bit creamier than I would have liked, but that was my own fault for adding more cream cheese.  Also my husband purchased fat free sour cream, which could of been a playing factor, fat free sour cream always seems more fluid than full fat.  Also the chicken we used was frozen and I felt it tasted too “processed” perhaps in the future we will buy fresh and cook it up seperately and then add it in.  The peas were great however!  😉

Tuesday – Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup – my best one YET!!  We love this recipe, it is always so fast and produces enough to not only feed all of us but also leftovers for a few lunches or dinners.  If you check the recipe for this one I tell you how I made my own chicken for this soup, which I think was the difference in this soup from previous recipes.

Wednesday – Spinach & Lentil Tortellini Soup – So this was a grand idea, and spinach is in season right now so why not right??  Well it wasn’t so “grand” – I don’t know what why but the flavor was not something we enjoyed, and we followed this recipe to the T.  Our oldest son, S, stated a few bites through that he was full… he did not like it.  Since it was what we were having for dinner I said this is it kid, so eat up.  He did eventually haul it down, however he reminded me today “It was not tasty, I didn’t like it”.  So although this one uses a veggie in season, I don’t think we’ll use it agian – UNLESS one of you out there reading this perfect it and have feedback that will make it yummy!!!

Thursday – Spinach Lasagna – this was yummy!!!  The spinach we used was frozen, however next time I am going to consider using raw spinach and steaming it prior to placing it in the lasagna.  Perhaps when the market starts up we’ll give this a try… OR if someone out there has done it give us some feedback on how your recipe turned out!!

Friday – Creamy Chicken & Dumplings – so we just finished this meal for lunch (Sunday, April 22, 1012 – we weren’t able to make it Friday OR Sat due to some constraints) It was good… however it was missing peas since the hubster, J, forgot to pick them up at the store… no worries I added in some mushrooms – which was a nice addition.  The chicken we used for this soup was “boiled” chicken and it was ok, but we would probably prefer something else, perhaps the leek chicken or a rotisserie chicken… something with more flavor.  This fed all four of us for lunch with ONE bowl of leftovers.  The boys paired their soups with Jell-O… I might suggest pairing it with something light if you chose to do so, because it does feel heavy… it isn’t really “heavy” as in fattening, but it fills you up!


Saturday – Bacon Wrapped Chicken – this was a great meal, and as you can tell from the recipe we shift it in size and some flavor, but the premise is there.  This meal was easy to make and was very delicious.  We were already discussing some things we could do to “enhance” the meal in the future.  When I purchased the breasts from the butcher they were HUGE, so I had made a joke it would be nice if they could slice them in half for me creating two breasts out of one… the butcher said absolutely we can… another reason to LOVE Ken’s market!!  The thinner breasts were easier to “bang” into flat submission and essentially doubled what we wanted for the same price; we were planning on having 3 breasts tonight and ended up having 6… leftovers!!!  J had made this recipe before without flattening the chicken and rolling it up with all the yummy goodness inside, and I can say I like this flattened/rolled up version better.


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