what a good question

So the hubby, J, just asked “soooo if spinach is in season for 2 months, is that all we are going to base our meals on?”  No, well at least I hope not.  There seems to be more than one thing in season at a time, which is good, but also I hope to can/freeze items as we buy extra or bulk OR grow it in our own garden (also something new we are trying out this year).  So as the winter closes in and tomatoes are out of season, or asparagus is out of season the HOPE is to have some in reserve to pull on and make meals from. 

So perhaps my/our goal needs to be more clearly defined… not only for ourselves, but for the one person following our blog!  😉

This goal can change, it is as fluid as we are, but here is our initial goal:

to eat as much locally grown/produced food as possible within our budget and capabilities – to incorporate these foods into our dinner meals (starting off with one meal a day will work this into a lifestyle for us – at least that is the thought) – our secondary goal is to share these recipes/experiences/costs/etc with the world through our blog

There… now to work on next week’s menu…  lots of spinach, asparagus and broccoli ahead!


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    I also try to buy in the season – doesn’t always work 🙂 I’m jealous that it seems like you have the freezer space to store fresh items!! One of these days I’ll break down and buy an extra stand alone freezer 🙂

    • 2

      BloodFamily said,

      I wish we had freezer space… we have a relativly small freezer, however we don’t generally buy a lot of freezer type foods. So the lack of foods in there will HOPEFULLY allow me to freeze some items. If this doesn’t work then we will break down and buy a chest freezer. With the tomatoes I am hoping to learn how to can. I am turning 30 this year and I asked for a canner for my birthday – pretty awesome huh? haha! My husband laughed at me, I am a true wild child… a canner! I’ll be going nuts on weekends. 😉

      • 3

        That’s awesome! When I ask for things like that, my husband is VERY hesitant – he always asks “isn’t that like getting a woman a vacuum cleaner?” I hope you get your canner! And happy early birthday 🙂

      • 4

        BloodFamily said,

        In my first marriage my ex purchased me a electric scrubber for the tub/floors/etc and I was SO ticked that he would think on my birthday that I would want to CLEAN more! I was in my early 20’s and wanted something fun. Now thinking about my birthdays I try to think logically, a canner would get good use, it is something the whole family can do together… and well what else do I need?? Nothing really!
        Your husband is right though, getting a woman a “useful” gift sometimes isn’t the best option… unless of course she asks for it. 😉
        Thanks for the early birthday wishes!

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