Quick Tip – Dicing VS. Grating Onions

Grating instead of dicing.. interesting idea.

Katja's Kitchen

Do you ever add onions to your meatloaf, meatballs, or burger patties? Do you ever find that the diced onion parts make it difficult to shape the meat into whatever shape you need it to be and that the onions aren’t as evenly spread throughout the dish as you might like? My suggestion is to grate the onion.

Grating an onion breaks down the onion so that what you have left is onion pulp and juice. I’ve noticed that if you combine the grated onion into ground meat dishes that the flavor consistency is better and because you’re using pulp, you’re not ending up with random large pieces of onion that may or may not be completely cooked and soft.

To grate an onion, first remove all the loose peel and root. Then, cut the onion in half. Grab a cheese grater and slide the onion halves up and down…

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