Ok fellow bloggers… so it was suggested that I make my pictures larger, makes sense.  I have been trying to chose the largest setting when inserting them.  However… it isn’t working.  I have taken out all the photos and rescaled them, BUT when you click on them it goes right back to the thumbnail photo.  Also the scaling causes it to look fuzzy, of course.  I am taking photos with my phone for right now, and I WILL get the camera up and running with batteries (as soon as we can find that rechargable battery cord – darn moves, you ALWAYS LOSE something).  But for now what can I do to make my photos “nicer” and more accesbile to my audience?  Any suggestions??  Thanks


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    putneyfarm said,

    In the dashboard go to setting and select “Media”- that section defines the min/max size of the images when they display. Change the setting for a bigger size.

    Hope this helps!

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      Ok so I went to media and did some “research” – I think I know the problem. I am taking pics on my phone and when I email them they come as a certain size to my email, and then I save them… their original size is 221xsomething… and I can change that when I post it in the blog… but when you click on it for some reason it defaults. The reason the other picture, the one of our family is bigger, I think, is because it was taken with an actual camera. Sooo I may just have to get my camera up and running sooner than later to get full size pics loaded up. Unless someone knows a tip for sizing with pics from your android phone??

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        Dave said,

        Ah that explains it… emailing photos from your phone caused them to be tiny. Instead use a USB cable to plug your phone into your computer. Then you’ll be able to access your phone as a USB device/drive, and a directory should be available with the large pics from your phone.
        If you happen not to get your digital camera working, let me know here and I’ll arrange to mail you my old digital camera. 🙂

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        We have tried using the USB drive. Here is a long story, which I will try to make short. We need new phones, however before we get the new phones we wanted to ensure all the photos/videos came off these phones. I take NUMEROUS photos every day of our children and I don’t want to lose those. So… we busted out the USB cord and hooked my hubby’s phone in to his laptop, bye bye photos. The wiped out his phone and put NOTHING on the computer. So we aren’t sure what happened. I won’t let him TOUCH my phone since mine carries the most photos. So we need to do a few things: 1. find the stupid USB cord for our camera in one of the endless boxes down stairs yet to be unpacked from our move. 2. find it’s brother the stupid cord for the rechargable battery device, again it’s hanging out in a yet unpacked box downstairs 3. upload photos!!
        We shall see how long this takes us! For now I am fiddling with the pixels in paint once I download the pics and hoping they are somewhat visible. I know some are fuzzy… I guess this means we’ll just have to remake all the yummy meals for a “reshoot”. 😉
        That was so nice of you to offer a digital camera up, we’ll keep you posted!!!

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    For those of you following this comment thread… guess what?? My husband is amazing… he went down into the basement found the recharger cord and found this little device that you can put your SD card into after taking pics to upload onto your computer. WOO HOO!! What is most amazing, is that he could remember where he put them. I thought this was going to be a week long project. He usually forgets where he puts things… nope he was totally on top of it. YAY!!

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    Ok so on my end it is fixed… what does everyone else see?

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      Dave said,

      Yup, progress! The Savory Stuffed Loaf post has a good sized photo (when you click), but I wanted to see inside the bread. 🙂 Typically, bloggers will put the only photo or the most fetching one right at the top of the post… it makes it more attention-getting when perusing a blog.

      Also, you might as well make one photo (if there is at least one) in the post marked as “Original Size” when you add it; that way it’ll be much more prominent than the medium or thumb-nail size we see now (before clicking it).

      When you add a post, WordPress seems to set the default size to the size you used previously, so that might be why you’re getting the small images in the post now.

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        I am so going to tell my husband people want to see inside the loaf as I am cooking it. I told him that but he said it didn’t look as appetizing as it tasted so it wasn’t a good idea to post it – so I added the necessary photos and deleted the rest. 😦 So now I don’t have an inside view. From here on out though I’ll post some “as I proceed” photos and insert original size photos over the thumbnail type I am doing now. i just thought thumbnail was allowing the reader to go further if they’d like. 😉

        I really appreciate all your feedback, it truly helps!! 😉

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