My grandma and her onions…

My grandma emailed me today, hoping to help me with my blog.  She wanted to give me a topic to write about (I don’t think she read yet I was blogging about my media catastrophes)… but that is alright.  One way to “build” your blog is to write daily… well for me to get into the habit and make sure I am on top of it, I am trying to blog multiple times/day (sorry mom for another email) 😉
Grandma emailed me about the medicinal uses of onions… in the email there was info about how onions had been used medicinally in preventing the flu.  I LOVE cooking with onions – smelling them, tasting them, etc… eating them raw however is not something I enjoy.  My husband likes the occasional cooked onion, but it has to be WELL cooked – raw is just not his style either.  Our oldest son however likes onions anyway they come.  He is usually in the kitchen when I am slicing asking for pieces of raw onions… thank goodness S’s girlfriend and he don’t kiss yet!!  We are waiting to see where baby E ends up on his opinion of the great onion!  But aside from our love of onions, I actually wonder if they are good for you and if they can ACTUALLY help prevent the flu. 
Preventing the flu is very important to me, not because I am a germ freak, but because when our oldest, S, was younger and got the flu he was always hospitalized due to it.  He has something called Benign Acute Childhood Myositis, which is “turned on” by the flu.  So… can cut up onions laying around your house help?  This website ( supports the idea that it can.  Here is another website ( concerning this “possible” urban legend of a remedy.
Has anyone tried this homeopathic remedy and seen results? 
Or has anyone tried and come away with not only the flu, but also a house that smelled solely of onions?? 
Does anyone love to use onoins as much as we do??
Are there any FAV recipes out there centering on the use of onions?


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  1. 1

    Beverly Day said,

    Grandma may have sent you the artical about onions, but she may have forgoten to remind you she is alergic to them!!!! Maybe others out there are also ?????

  2. 2

    I am sure there are many people out there allergic to onions. I would be so very upset if I was allergic to onions. Love you grandma and thanks for the heads up on the info and reading our blog.

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