what a GREAT suggestion!!

What a great suggestion.  Dave, http://kitchenconvivial.com/, suggested that I put some effort into checking to see if the “so said” local products I was hoping to buy during this experiment were actually locally made like they said.  Well I did some research, not only to see if the companies were local… but if they used local products to make their own products.  Some did, some didn’t and some didn’t say.  Below is a list, which I am sure will continue to grow, of some kitchen/family necessities to have around… you will see if I found a link to a local producer, or if I didn’t.  IF you know of a local producer, or have suggestions on what I can add to this list let us know.  Again, we are only trying to make dinner a local affair – but why not consider all the possibilities right?  Who knows if a dish will call for yogurt, or mustard, or something else… better to be prepared than not.  Will we come across a product we can’t find locally for our dinner??  I am sure of it… what will we do??  Shift that meal to lunch… pick a new dinner menu… find a producer… google a substitute… we can work around it.  I am sure our dinners will be very interesting from May 5 – Dec 25…

Produce – will be purchased from Fulton Street Market OR Ken’s (when they the growing season allows them to bring local produce back)
Sugar (granulated/brown/powdered) – http://www.michigansugar.com/
Milk – can be purchased at Fulton Street Market OR Ken’s
Cheese – can be purchased at Fulton Street Market OR Ken’s
Eggs – can be purchased at Fulton Street Market OR Ken’s OR my aunt/uncle know a guy who raises chickens and sells eggs
Ice creamhttp://hudsonvilleicecream.com/ can be purchased at Ken’s
Bread – can be purchased at Fulton Street Market OR Ken’s OR made at home using the LOCAL ingredients I pick up from the above local businesses
Mayo – I may have to toy around with the idea of making my own – can’t find a local producer of mayo
Mustard – hmmm…? Maybe their variety?/ http://www.sansonettifoods.com/index.html
Chips – it seems there is a chip producer in Detroit, http://bmchips.com/ , they use MI potatoes when in season and then follow the season to various states to keep production up. – I wonder how hard it is to make your own chips?  I am NOT into home fryers since I would most likely LIGHT things on FIRE! PLUS we don’t eat chips that often so this isn’t too huge of a concern – unless we just HAVE to have chips with our BBQ’d burgers one night…
Juicehttp://oldorchard.com/ can be purchased at Ken’s  (juice is what my husband drinks with dinner most nights)
Olive Oil – haven’t found any MI producers yet – we may need to step up our game and find someone before our stash of Olive oil runs out
Pasta – I think we can buy this from the artisan market… but if we can’t buy there we might look a little deeper into this brand http://www.aldentepasta.com/ (they don’t say their ingredients are brought in locally, so we’ll have to see) (it was suggested by a friend, J.VandenPlas, that we attempt to make our own pasta… buttttttt That seems like a lot of work and I don’t know if my kitchen would survive)
Salad dressing – I can make my own

Ok fellow bloggers… I am sure there are more “dinner” things I am missing fill in any gaps!


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    If you are interested in making pasta, you could ask on Alger Heights Discussion Group. I dare to guess someone would loan you one! http://www.facebook.com/groups/394022500631548/?ref=ts

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