a little bit of food and a lot of education on eating farm to fork…

So to be realistic some nights we are going to have to eat out (like tonight – baby E was NOT happy all day, I got nothing done and cooking was the last thing on my mind, plus it was leftover night and there were no leftovers to be had) … therefore, to stick to our “local” eating we need to find restaurants that also purchase… local products/produce/etc to eat at… but why stop there.  Why not learn HOW to make those fancy dinners using in season produce??

Here is a class that looks like it is right up my alley

Here is a restaurant that NOT only boasts what we are looking for in a restaurant… but offers FREE cooking classes!  UM… HECK YEAH!!

Another possible date night restaurant

If you scroll down to Farm to Fork you’ll find more GR restaurants doing just what we are looking for.  – what a good list to keep on hand http://www.experiencegr.com/things-to-do/hot-eats/

Thank goodness for restaurants jumping on this local movement… I KNOW there will be some nights I don’t want to cook and will need a restaurant to feed my family while still keeping us local and on the right path.  Man if we were doing all our meals locally it might be a bit more difficult (although I wish we could automatically be like the Kingsolver family)… at least it seems that way now.  Perhaps after this little adventure it will seem easy enough to incorporate another meal… and so on and so forth.


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