visited the “make-shift” market today…

Ok so the Fulton Street Market is still not up and fully running… but the few vendors that are alwaysset up about a block away were there this morning, we paid them a visit.  We wanted to see what was coming in and what the producers were expecting to have when they got to the actual market a few weeks from now.  There were two cheese guys out, one of which talked to me a bit about making my own mozzarella.  The bread man was there and boy did his little area not only smell good, but it all looked sooo good.  We talked to a meat/egg lady about her raw milk movement, her inability to bake and how well her duck eggs may enrich our meals.  Our oldest, S, purchased himself a succulent plant – hens & chicks I believe is the name she gave us.  He wasn’t the only one with purchasing power however… we were shelling out the cold hard cash as well.  Here is what we got and what we plan to do with it… other than eat it.  We picked up ½ dozen duck eggs, I have wanted to try these forever and the lady said they actually do better in baking she has noticed… we shall see.  We purchased 1 loaf of tomato/basil bread (also asked this baker where his ingredients came from, local he said and gave me names of his producers).  We bought a tub of carrots, a tub of fresh spinach and a tub of apples.  We visited the other cheese guy and bought a loaf of smoked jack cheese, it looked great – oh the possibilities.  This cheese vendor also carried raw milk cheeses, all of which (raw and not) are made from local cattle acquired milk.  MmMmmmmm…  I was surprised to see tomatoes at market, but one producer had a green house he keeps warm and sure enough he had heirloom tomatoes out.  There were milk vendors, meat vendors and even a guy selling fresh baked cookies/bread/sweet treats!  Along with all this yummy food there were plant vendors selling hanging baskets, succulents, herbs, etc… S was so excited and couldn’t be stopped in shelling out $1 for his succulent… he talked with the vendor asking her all sorts of questions on how to best take care of his plant.  How awesome.  On the way home he was talking about starting his own garden… except everywhere he wanted to place it the dogs went and did their business… so he is on planning mode, trying to see if he can work something else out.  So how much did we spend?  S spent $1, we spent (for our: carrots, spinach, apples, cheese, bread, duck eggs) $24… the apples will get us through the week as snacks and desserts for dinner (there were ~ 10 apples), the spinach will get us through 2-3 dinners, the carrots more like 3-5 dinners, the cheese will vary depending on how good it is, and therfore how quickly it might get eaten… 😉  the bread could make up to 3 stratas (if we wanted that many) the duck eggs are the size of an XL reg egg, so I am sure they can last the week.  So we will design our meals around these products and pick up the extras from Ken’s.  I hope in a few weeks more goodies start making their way back to the newly refurbished market…. I sure do look forward to FULL market meals starting in the next few weeks.


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