Spinach & Quiche REVIEWED

Tonight’s dinner was a Spinach and cheese Quiche. The recipe was really easy to follow.
We made a few changes to the ingredients. It called for ½ C of Gouda, ½ C of Sharp white Cheddar. We changed that to use Muenster and Sharp Cheddar. We also added ¼ C of coarsely chopped Carrots.  The wife also switched up the eggs, she used 2 duck eggs instead of 3 large eggs.   I sautéed the onion and carrots together in the butter until both were soft about 8-9 min. The smell those two gave off was enriching and delightful. After they were soft I added the spinach and chopped garlic, I sprinkled a little Olive Oil on top of the top leaves to make sure all got a nice coat of oil and would not burn. I also cooked these a little longer than instructed, for about 9 min, but not more than 10.  I let the pan sit for about 10min to cool, then I placed it evenly over the bottom of the pie crust.  I spread the mixture of cheese over the top of the spinach and got this as even as I could (it was still a little warm so the cheese started melting), next I poured the cream mixture over the top.  I baked the quiche for about 55 minutes. It started smelling so good I had to keep checking on it to see if it would magically get done sooner. When the baking was finished and the knife came out clean, I left the meal in the oven to cool for about 12-15 minutes – I had to bath baby E. Then it was sliced and served.
It was VERY good! I would not change anything I altered in this recipe. This meal was perfect. It was very light on the cream and rich in flavor. You did not have an over powering of one flavor over another. There was a great combination of flavors.
 I definitely recommend my altered recipe to anyone.


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    I love how you can read a quiche recipe and alter it so easily to your taste! Yours sounds awesome 🙂

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