Florentine Stuffed Chicken – REVIEWED

So what did we do different THIS time you ask… well here we go.  First we double the recipe, we have 4 mouths to feed so 2 chicken breasts isn’t enough.  We omitted the red bell pepper since it isn’t in season and we can’t find it locally, we used tomato-basil bread instead of white and we chopped, not minced, our garlic.  Like always we tried to have everything prepared before we went at it.  I, K, prepared this evening and J is cooking again… he was pretty excited to cook after he made a SPECTACULAR quiche last night.  To accompany this dish I sliced up Yukon gold potatoes and tossed them with a little salt, pepper, oregano, basil, thyme and olive oil.  Those started baking as we were prepping to make sure they were good and soft when the chicken was done.  I also sliced fresh mushrooms and carrots to accompany our meal – gotta love the fresh veggies.  So dinner is done, dishes are being washed… and man this meal was GOOD!!  We really enjoyed the flavored bread crumbs and the spinach mixture was perfect!!  The potatoes were good as well.  My aunt makes good baked potatoes, our oldest LOVES them, when he tasted these he asked if she came up and made our side dish.  HA!  They must have been good… too bad he didn’t think I made them! 😛  Here is a photo of tonights dinner… sorry it is sorta fuzzy, our camera is touch and go with pictures.  It is an old digital camera, 5+years! 

My husband says this one looks the best.


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