what are your FAVORITE things and LEAST favorite things to do in the kitchen??

So we all work in the kitchen some time or another.  Either cooking, snacking, eating a meal, washing dishes, putting food away, cleaning, whatever… what is your LEAST favorite kitchen task and what is your FAVORITE?? 

I’ll start!!  My LEAST favorite kitchen task is dishes.  I LOATH dishes.  Since I was young I disliked dishes.  I am sure my mom will read this and remember all those times that I refused to do dishes, or just left them there for her to do.  She’d do them, she was the adult and she knew they needed to get done and I was a kid and wasn’t going to waste my time on something I hated.  Well I am an adult now and STILL hate them.  I’ll do them, because, like her, I grew up and know they need done… esp if I want to eat again.  However if I can NOT do them… I’ll take that road.  My husband J and I usually share tasks, I’ll focus on things he dislikes (like laundry) and he focuses on things I don’t like – DISHES.  So he is usually the dish man.  He jokes at me when he goes out of town and asks if I want all paper, plastic, etc for the kitchen.  So sweet and thoughtful.  I generally say no and muster through the dishes.  I do them each night so I don’t have to look at them the next day, and I personally try to snack rather than use up a plate or something else.  Dishes to me are the worse – and I try to avoid them at all costs!!!

There are lots of favorite things I like to do in the kitchen: cook, eat, watch my hubby cook, however my MOST favorite would be stocking the kitchen (which is done somewhat in the kitchen, and somewhat not).  I love going to the local farmer’s market, smelling the aroma of freshly picked produce and freshly baked bread.  I love people watching while I am picking out my veggies.  I love researching those veggies and actually looking at them for freshness… not just picking a melon because it looks good, but understanding on how to thump it and listen.  I love asking about the flavors of certain products and trying them right there and then, nearly fresh from the plant itself.  Having conversations with farmers about new foods I have never seen before.  Not only is the farmer’s market fun, but so are the stores.  I know it sounds silly but I enjoy searching for local foods.  I spend time down the isles reading box information, searching for what is local and also searching for nutrition.  Then to turn around and stock our kitchen with those wholesome items is a blessing.  I’ll load up our fruit bin or bowl, depending on the fruit, put the cheeses away, fresh veggies away… knowing that my hard work and scrutiny will go into making an edible meal (most days).  Loading our kitchen with freshness and teaching our children the varieties of food that are at their edible pleasure is great.  Our oldest son loves biting into fresh fruit, he doesn’t shy away from eating his fungus, NOR is he picky about his veggies.  He has come home to a kitchen stocked with these since he was young.  He knows that his kitchen is always stocked with something fresh and yummy to eat – and I did that!!  Knowing what you’re feeding your children, yourself… and picking it out and putting it there is a great feeling!!!

Ok… YOUR turn!!


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    hungryhinny said,

    I have a few things I don’t like – top of the list probably grating cheese (or anything really) and peeling potatoes or other vegetables. I also don’t like preparing tins for baking with greasing and lining, especially if it involved cutting out circles of baking paper – such a chore!

    Things I like mostly involve stealing tastes of the food while I’m making it but also whisking things by hand rather than with an electric beater feels really satisfying!

    • 2

      Thanks for replying!! I never thought about grating, I LOVE grating cheese… probably because I eat it as I go. I love cheese!! Whisking by hand isn’t necessarily a fav or least fav… but it is good to know someone gets satisfaction out of it!! 🙂

  2. 3

    I’m with you – dishes suck. I also hate chopping onions – although I’ll try it now that I have been told to freeze them for a bit to help with my tearing issue 🙂 Oh and peeling a ton of garlic – I can handle 3-5 cloves – but after that, they’re too sticky and I get frustrated. 🙂 Great post!

    • 4

      Yeah dishes do suck. We went from having dishwashers in Az, to no dishwashers here in MI. I mean it isn’t that bad… there are far worse things to complain about – but I sure wish we had a dishwasher. Have you tried the “freezing” trick?? Garlic does get sticky doesn’t it… hmm… we’ll have to come up for a trick for that one!

      • 5

        Yeah – I’ve been in both situations – with and without a dishwasher – compared to the two options I love my dishwasher 🙂 Hopefully you guys will be able to invest in one soon (if that’s what you want :)). I will be trying out the freezing trick tonight when I make dinner for the onions 🙂

      • 6

        Let me know how it goes with the onions! Yeah we want a dishwasher, but we are in a rental with no space for a dishwasher…. so it is our two hands. YAHOO! :-/

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