frittata yourself up easy street… or is that shimmy…? who knows, but EAT as you go!!

Ok let me get something off my chest right away… I didn’t cook the garden Florentine ring off our menu for the week.    So sad… I am not croissant brave yet… so instead of making the ring I NEEDED something to do with the veggies.  I had spinach, asparagus and a WHOLE bunch of eggs… what to do what to do…?  I remember reading about one of the bloggers I follow making a Frittata (  I was thinking wow, that sounds easy – and I NEEDED easy today… I woke up from a nap feeling absolutely yuck.  So I checked our cookbooks and found a Frittata recipe and I thought, wow that sounds good… but I want to do my own thing.  So of course I did.  Well it was EASY and it turned out GREAT!  It was healthy – no heavy whipping cream or crust like a quiche.  Just eggs, veggies and cheese!  Mmmmmmm good!!  Hubby said this one was a keeper.  Our oldest ate two servings and in it were TOMATOES… he hates tomatoes – he said he couldn’t even tell it was so good.  Score one for mom!!  It made me think of some cookware I needed… an all metal 10” sauté pan is in need, so I don’t have to worry about protecting handles.  To counter the heat in the oven I read somewhere you can cover your pan handle in foil a couple times and that would help, it did – no melting! Phew!  Frittata may have found a place as a new staple in our weekly menus!!  WOO!!  If you live here in MI, this the main ingredients in this frittata can be purchased from your local market – the tomatoes may have to be left out if you aren’t as lucky as we were and found a greenhouse growing them.  🙂


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