May 7 – 13th MENU

Shopping List:
Spinach – lots of it, over 40 fresh oz!!!  MmMm love your spinach
Asparagus – 2 bunches or more..?  don’t know yet!  😉
Ricotta cheese – 1 15/16oz tub
Feta cheese – 8 oz
Toothpicks – for holding together some chicken
Parmesan cheese
Cream cheese with onion/chives
Chicken sliced thinly – boneless, skinless breasts
Refrigerated pizza dough – 2 OR make your own
Olive oil

**remember this list may NOT be complete, so don’t go to the store without checking SPECIFIC recipes!  😉

Monday: Spinach stuffed chicken with sautéed asparagus
Tuesday:  Fettuccini w/ spinach and asparagus
Wednesday:  Spinach Calzone
Thursday: Spinach Pizza Rolls
Friday: Asparagus stuffed chicken
Saturday: Frittata??
Sunday:  WING it – meaning maybe leftovers!?!?!  OR Eat out at a LOCAL restaurant!!


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