saturday in a nutshell… or more specifically in a buckeye shell! ;)

Saturday begins it all, our experiment… and how did we do??  We started the morning off with S and I going to the NEW Fulton Street Farmer’s Market – it was a ribbon cutting ceremony – you can check it out here… we’re in there somewhere! !!
What did we buy… more duck eggs, green chicken eggs, some ground beef, leeks, two heads of butter lettuce (that I never knew existed until Auntie S made us some when we lived in Az), asparagus and some greenhouse tomatoes from a farm in Caledonia.  I was pretty pleased with our take, and anxious to use duck eggs in more recipes!! We spent $22
We didn’t have time to make croissants however Saturday, we went down to our Aunt/Uncle’s house to help garden… and in all honesty I am a bit terrified of making croissants… I’ll get there, but they seem so difficult.  So we gardened for a few hours, ate a yummy lunch using some fresh MI butter lettuce I had just purchased, MmMmm good reviews on lunch! 
Also while visiting the aunt and uncle we visited the thrift store they “work” with and purchased some great finds.  Some outside planters, some brand new yarn, an outdoor chair for baby E, books and some fun wall paper border for my mom in Az.  Our day was all about savings!! 
On our way home we needed to think fast for a local dinner to eat, there were no leftovers and there was no time to make the croissants as stated .  Josh wanted to just pick something up, but the experiment just started and I wasn’t going to fail day one!!  So I thought fast and we ended up throwing together some steaks and sautéed up some local spinach using, local leeks, etc!  It wasn’t too bad, it always wasn’t too great… but it was local and we were on track for our little test!  Yay, day 1 down!! 
So what is with the buckeye shell… well when gardening hubby J has been obsessing over planting buckeyes.  A few weeks ago he took one from the yard our Aunt/Uncle’s garden is in and attempted to plant it, however a squirrel ravaged his cup and took it.  So yesterday he took like 15 buckeye seeds from the yard… all of which he is going to attempt to grow.  Sure there are squirrels, but can they handle 15 nuts at one time?  Can they find all the hiding locations… confusion may set in!!  We shall see!  I am not sure if buckeyes are local… but they remind him of the yummy treats his mom makes!


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