missing a kitchen… well pieces of the kitchen…

Tonight was spinach and feta stuffed chicken.  Was super easy to make and tasted yummy.  The chicken wasn’t “seasoned” so the taste came from the feta and spinach.  We served the chicken with sautéed asparagus.  I sautéed the asparagus in butter and garlic, after “cooking” it in hot water for a few mins.  It went very nicely together! 

The dinner was light and healthy.  There were no leftovers, since I only made enough to serve the 3 of this evening, generally I don’t like reheating asparagus anyways.  Also the chicken we used was purchased from Heffron Farms – something suggested by a gentleman off our neighborhood webpage.  He was suggesting this farm due to the fact that it was local meat.  The meat came frozen but easily defrosted by dinner time.  I purchased the fancy thin sliced breast pieces – since I am HORRIBLE at slicing chicken thinly.  They worked out great!!
Also as I cooked I realized something.  First, the recipe called for sautéing the meat, however we only have ONE 10” skillet.  Then I started really looking around our kitchen… that’s right we moved and SOLD everything.  Or my MOM sold everything… which means we have only one of each “standard” pan, no full knife set (haven’t had one in years), a few mixing bowls, one set of measuring cups… If you walk into my mom’s kitchen, or my grandma’s or my aunt’s… they all have several pots/pans/mixing bowls/measuring cups/measuring spoons, etc… man we need to start filling in our gaps.  Where to start though??  Wooden spoons?  Measuring cups?  Measuring spoons?  Perhaps we should have registered for wedding gifts?  HAHA!  There are some things we are going to need cooking more at home: bread knife, tart pan… we’ll start with the NEEDS and work on the desires LATER.  *sigh* Sorta feeling kitchen envy right now…


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  1. 1

    Sherrie said,

    let me comment i tried giving you a set of knives for christmas, but for some strange reason you had me return them

  2. 3

    Sherrie said,

    well you have to hand wash any good knives

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