are you looking for an upper body work out?? MAKE YOUR OWN PASTA!!!

So tonight was pasta night… it didn’t seem as scary as croissants, so I was up for the challenge.  I was a little nervous I wouldn’t get to make it, J – had a late night last night, so I was worried he’d come home late again.  Thankfully he was home early and I was able to have him watch baby E so I could work away in the kitchen.  Making the dough, meaning mixing the dough, was easy… kneading the dough was easy as well, there was  a question of firmness but J solved it for me… rolling out the dough was a WORKOUT and a pain in the BOOTY!!  It would stick to my roller, it would crimp up in the middle.  I cried out for assistance many times… and got no response, I think J was amused at my grunting coming out of the kitchen.  Needless to say I muscled through it, while J sat watchingSesame Streetwith baby E… ONLY coming to my rolling rescue when I was nearly done.  Grrrr!!  At that point I was going to OWN this pasta so I sent him out of the kitchen.  PHEW – I threw my hands up in triumph when the last noodle was cut and separated.  WOO HOO! 

So was all this effort worth the outcome??  Yes… it tasted great!!  The noodle recipe also said that if the noodles were FULLY dry they could last for months at room temp… WHOA – cool!  One pain in the butt day and you could have noodles for a while… I might take that on in the future, IF I get some help!  We tossed our noodles with what was in season: spinach and asparagus, with some leeks that a farm out of Hudsonville were still growing.  MmMmmm the market tasted great tonight!



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