losing my fruity expectations… :(

I am going to whine and cry a bit about a future sadness… it isn’t even upon me yet and I am sad.  So here we are attempting to make our dinners from local foods… yay for us!!  However if you knew us you’d know we try to buy lots of things locally, we try to live sustainably.  We use environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners, soaps, detergents, etc.  We utilize LED lighting or natural lighting as much as possible.  Eating local foods for dinner is focusing us on our area, West MI.  Our shampoos, conditioners, light bulbs, etc. don’t put the $ back into West MI, eating locally does.  Are our dinners meals the only local meals we have, no we also drink local milks for breakfast and lunch.  We also eat other foods that are local for other meals, however we aren’t challenging ourselves to center them solely on local products – meaning it is ok if we “cheat”.  Like today… baby E and I had macaroni for lunch, made in CA.  Yummy!  Can every meal we make be local?  I don’t see that in our foreseeable future… but if we can make one meal/day local then we succeed, we put money back into our local economy.  Well… something I was looking forward to this summer was local fruits for desserts to go with dinner.  Our family desserts are not cakes, pies, ice cream, cookies… we eat fresh fruit.  I was hoping to try some new recipes as well – grilled plums with steak.  After my time Sat at the Farmer’s Market, it has come to my realization that my fresh peaches, plums etc may not be so fresh… meaning just picked from a grower in MI.  MI has been experiencing a rather mild winter, which means the fruit trees blossomed early.  Although the temps have been mild, mostly, they have also thrown in some erratic frost days.  Well……. Those frost days have killed off my hopes of fresh yummy peaches and plums this summer.  Now what to do??  So hopes of fruity dinner menus may be out the window.  Does this mean I won’t buy organic peaches from somewhere else??  No… my hubby is planning a work trip to GA… perhaps he’ll come home with a Jeep load of peaches!!


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