sometimes it (eating out) just happens…

So what have we been up to for the past few nights??  How did the spinach and ricotta calzone and pizza rolls taste?  Well let’s begin with the calzone…

The calzone was ok, at least in my opinion.  Both the boys liked it and had seconds, I wasn’t fond of my dough and a little story may explain why.  While making the pizza dough that is required for both the calzone and the pizza rolls I used up all my white flour and had to sub in some stone ground white whole wheat flour that didn’t like going through a sifter, didn’t like it so much it clogged it and I didn’t figure it out until after 5 mins of sifting and wondering what the heck was going on, and also questioning the strength of my forearm muscles.  Come to find out after I finally gave up and put it through a fine mesh strainer, the sifter was clogged with tiny little grain casings.  Whoops… guess this flour doesn’t go through a sifter.  So running late I made the dough and made the calzone.  This might have started my taste buds off in the wrong mood.  Also I think I would have liked it better had I pre-cooked the spinach.

So in the calzone I didn’t pre-cook the spinach, in this one we did.  It tasted much better, however I wasn’t a very good sealer and it all bubbled out… it still tasted good.  J also said he enjoyed the onion flavor in the rolls over the calzone.  I used leeks instead of an onion, so that could be the difference.

So what about Friday night and Saturday night…?

Well Friday we got called in to volunteer at S’s school, they were having a rummage sale and needed extra support setting up all the donated items on tables.  So E and I went and hung up clothes, and organized items.  Not to mention I found a nearly new Corningware dish and only paid $1 for it…. it costs $27 at Target… nice find!!  Needless to say we worked away and didn’t end up getting home until around 7pm, which meant dinner for baby E and then getting him to bed, 745pm rolls around and it is too late to cook and there are no leftovers… so we fell off the bandwagon for a meal and picked up fast food. 

Saturday night was girls night out for myself and a friend, we ate at a local restaurant and the boys ate a quick meal at home from items we had laying around… eggs and hash browns.  Simple,  yet fit into the idea of what we are trying to accomplish.

So overall our “weekend” wasn’t a complete bust.  I did feel a little guilty at eating out and eating fast food, however we have been doing good so I forgave us.  We are back on our bandwagon and planning next week’s meals.


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