carrot muffins for dinner?!? THAT’S RIGHT!!!

So last night was supposed to be a delicious meal of spinach gnocchi tossed with onions/asparagus/olive oil and parmesan cheese… well that was the idea.  So I started making the “no-fail gnocchi” that Light & Tasty magazine (Feb/Mar 2007 issue) says will be “stress free” and guarantee “success”… well I did NOT have success.  So here is the recipe:
• Ingredients:
o 2lbs russet potatoes
o Water
o 1 1/3 cup all purpose flour
o 1 egg
o ¾ tsp salt
o 5 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry

• Directions:
o Boil potatoes until tender, drain and begin cooking potatoes again in the same pot until steam stops coming off them
o Put the potatoes through a ricer or a fine mesh strainer
o Allow to cool a bit and create a well in the potatoes
o Sprinkle flour over potatoes and into the well
o Whisk egg and mix in salt/spinach, then pour into the well
o Mix all the ingredients together until soft dough ball forms, knead 10-12 times to achieve soft dough
o Divide into 4 portions, roll out into rope ~1/2 inch thick
o Cut into ¾” pieces
o Press with a floured fork
o Boil for ~30-60 secs, toss and serve

So… this was the anticipated recipe for our LOVELY gnocchi the magazine promised.  I was following it, and then hubby came to help.  I asked him to drain the potatoes and push through a mesh strainer.  Well he did it “his way” which wasn’t the drain and continue cooking until steam is gone way – perhaps mistake one.  I used 100% stone ground whole white wheat flour for the flour portion – possibly mistake two.  Our gnocchi never turned out to be gnocchi, it stayed a goopy mess until the bitter end.  I ended up adding 2 more cups of flour attempting to get it to “dough up” and NOPE this was not a recipe that would mesh well with the Pillsbury dough man… there was no doughing up.  It laughed at me and stuck to everything.  So I got even… or got mad… I took this pic and then trashed it – both a bitter sweet end.  I so wanted my gnocchi, but in the end it wasn’t in the cards. 
So what did we end up eating for dinner you ask?  Well while I was getting help in the kitchen I whipped up some carrot/walnut muffins for dessert… and dessert became dinner.  I tossed in some perogies to bake and that was it.  Perogies with some muffins… tada mom made dinner!  So any help out there with “NO FAIL” gnocchi will be MUCH appreciated!!!


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    Kristin said,

    Kristin, I love reading your posts! I feel like a part of the family. I miss you friend!

    • 2

      Miss you too! Thanks for reading along with us. I appreciate your support!! Let me know if you have any good recipes OR if you give one we post here a go. I LOVE feedback!!

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