how do you relax after a hard day’s work??

So hubby J came home from work and was pooped and frustrated at his day.  He had a long day of dealing with people on the phone who couldn’t seem to get it straight, and the machine they were working on was NOT cooperating.  As you can see in this pic he needed a pick-me-up and paired his remaining starbucks drink with the frittata of tonight.  His first bite made him grunt in approval, the second slice had him reminding me I can make this frittata any time, and he really doesn’t mind feta when I cook it in a meal like this.  Not only did tonight’s dinner win his approval, yet again our oldest son S liked it and didn’t even mind the tomatoes.  YAHOO FOR MOM!  This kid HATES tomatoes and getting him to eat them is also a chore, not in this frittata.  He had two servings and asked for the last piece, his dad said no it was his and he could have yogurt. HA!  Based on his rough day I guess he earned it! 

So after a rough day at work what do you like to come home and unwind to at the table??  A beer? Starbucks?  Frittata?  Or a frozen hungry man??

As you can see S’s slice has only a FEW tomatoes, but still… he ATE them!!


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