it’s electric… well at least the NEW GRILL is!!!!

Ok so we have been going ROUNDS about buying a new grill… when to buy one? What type to buy?  How much to spend? What size? Etc. etc. etc… Well today we FINALLY broke down and bought one!  YAHOO!  We have been hitting the local Sears to find a grill (along with other stores) and today it paid off.  We were searching the clearance isle and there it was… a decent size, rolling electric grill that could fit the pans I wanted to use to avoid cooking inside, it didn’t have a flame to ruin the pans, looked easy to clean, wouldn’t require propane or charcoal… AND it was 60% OFF sticker price!!  J sized it up, gave it a once over and said YUP that’s the one!  So we bought it, along with a grill thermometer; I wanted to make sure it could hold a steady temp so I could “bake” items in the grill rather than the oven inside. 

We gave it a go tonight with scalloped asparagus and grilled steaks… guess what??  It worked BEAUTIFULLY and kept all the heat out of the house!  WOO WOO!!!!!



Here is to a summer of grilling outside!!!


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