Saturday is MARKET DAY

So today was market day and we went as a family, in early afternoon.  I thought later in the morning/early in the afternoon would be a good time to go, but it was PACKED!  It didn’t help that the market itself seemed to be narrowing as you headed north up the promenade.  I heard a lot of shoppers becoming cranky about the single file line you had to wait in and just leaving.  J had a way around it though and we went in the back way and made our way through, it wasn’t fast… but it got the job done.  We ended up buying: ~4-5lbs of potatoes, ~2-3lbs of carrots, 1/2lb spinach, 1lb lean ground beef, 1 block of white cheddar cheese, 1lb tomatoes, 1lb asparagus, bagels and tomato/basil bread… all for $37.50.  Not too bad of a deal I would say.  We left the market and continued on to Ken’s Fruit Market where we filled in the holes of things we needed.  We also picked up some all purpose flour (so we wouldn’t have any more bread “mistakes”), some sugar, etc.  We kept it local as well and spent a bit more money but also purchased a few more items.  Today was a grand shopping day!!



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