Wed… Thurs… Fri…

What was on the meal for Wed…?  It was J’s night to cook and be creative and he went for it.  He made some homemade enchiladas, they were tasty.  I felt they could have used more spinach, but the flavor was good.  I wanted to take this recipe however and take the beans out and focus strictly on veggies and cheese inside… so that is what I did on Thurs.

Thurs was me trying to create a veggie based enchilada dish.  It was ok, J didn’t like it as much as S and I did… it had “too many” onions for his taste.  I felt the flavor was nice, however having the beans in it did enhance it a bit better than I was expecting.

Friday was S’s day to pick dinner… he had a walk-a-thon at school and was the student who raised the most money out of the whole school.  As a reward he got to pick what we ate for dinner… he didn’t settle on local, he went for Taco Bell.  This was fine for me, because I was feeling sick since Wed.  I did cook sick on Thurs, and ate dinner but MAN oh MAN I was not feeling so hot. TB it was and off to bed I went.


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