Painful cooking… :(

Cooking while injured is not fun.  Yesterday I turned my head at just the right angle I guess and POP went the muscles running down the left side of my neck/shoulder.  So J took me to urgent care last night, and now I am taking some vicodin and motrin to help with pain/inflammation… but still gotta cook right??  UGH!  Just washing the potatoes for tonight’s dinner and slicing them was painful.  Frittatas are usually fast and simple… tonight they are tedious and painful!  Hopefully the frittata will be soft enough for me to chew without too much pain… eating has not been my joy for the past 2 days.


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    Hope you’re feeling better – there must be something about cooking in pain with potatoes this week – I was in the middle of peeling some and sliced my finger! Hope you recover quickly!

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      Oh man, that must suck. I hurt my neck prior to washing potatoes for dinner… had to get it done though to make the frittata. I’ll have to post the recipe later, it was DELISH. In regards to feeling better, I am slowly getting there. A pulled/torn muscle is NO fun! 😦 I hope your feel heals quickly as well, cuts on fingers are the WORST.

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