funeral… sick child (again)… and end of the school year – don’t worry though, I’m feeding everyone dinner

So a lot has been happening in my neck of the woods. Our little one still routinely gets sick and did so this past weekend when we drove down to Ohio for a family funeral. 😦 Our oldest is finishing sixth grade, OMG he is going to be a teenager and in seventh grade… where has the time gone? So with the above, my two “independent” home jobs and my part time “go into a physical building” job, I’ve been busy. I’ve been cooking though, and taking pictures.

How things are going to start working on my blog is… I’ll first post on the website of the non-profit I work with ( then I’ll repost here about a week later. I want to make sure I tailor my meals this season to our growers and market participants. So if I mention a local place or highlight something from my current town, I am sure you’ll understand and go looking for something similar where you are. Keeping it local is my goal. 🙂 Easy Family Burros will be making its way to the blog this weekend.


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