Viruses are VERY bad things

So it has been a few weeks since I posted.  I have been cooking, and I have recipes and experiences to post (as you can see from my bacon wrapped meal just posted) there has just been a minor problem – our computer had a virus.  We went on vacation to FL to see our family a few weeks ago, and while down there our computer contracted a virus and took itself out of the game.  So no posts.  But like always I have been trying to recipes and putting them aside until we could get up and running again.  I have a draft of a turnip puff waiting to be published, I just need to allow the non-profit I work with first dibs at it… then it is all yours (whomever is reading this) to make yourself.  I will also be adding a delish egg dinner done under the broiler – if you are skeptical, it’s ok so was I.


For now be patient with me and thank you for reading along.  Any computer purchasing recommendations out there??


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