Wrap it in bacon – it works (and tastes good too)

It was a warm day and grilling out seemed like a great idea.  We had stopped by our local grocer (Ken’s Fruit Market) and purchased some meat to make burgers.  We were all excited to bust out the grill… then BAM we remembered (once we got home of course) we forgot any sides to go with our burgers.  Time to search the kitchen high and low for something.  I was not about to turn on the stove or oven and make J’s suggested noodles… veggies sounded good and I had fresh veggies I had just purchased at the farmer’s market – SCORE!  Wrapped it in some bacon I had on hand, threw it on the grill… voila!  Dinner is served!

For the burgers we just dusted them with salt and pepper and added muenster cheese towards the end, just in time to melt.  We washed and trimmed the veggies up (asparagus and broccoli) and wrapped them in bacon.  I used tooth picks to hold the bacon on.  We grilled them until they were soft enough for our taste (and the bacon was cooked) and served.  It was simple, they didn’t fall through the grating on the grill, they were flavorful and as an added bonus the heat used for cooking DIDN’T come in the house.  WIN type of situation.

burger with bacon wrapped veggies

burger with bacon wrapped veggies


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