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From the Bar: Thyme Infused Grapefruit Margaritas

I don’t drink, but I think my mom will appreciate this recipe! I am going to reblog it so she has access it to!! Thanks for sharing such a great idea for those who enjoy their margaritas!!!

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Happy May Day! To kick off this lovely spring day, I wanted to share with you one of my all time favorite cocktails…MARGARITAS! We’ve all had them, I’m sure. They’re sweet and tart and perfect for warm weather dinners outside. Normally, I’d buy any old margarita mix and toss in whatever cheap tequila we have on hand and call it done, but ever since our stay in New York last fall (where I encountered many MANY cocktails that were made from scratch and of unique parings), I’ve been more and more interested in making and experimenting with gourmet at-home cocktails- infusing spirits, making simple syrups, and combining unusual but tasty ingredients. Grapefruit is one of those fruits that I didn’t realize I liked until I was in my late 20’s. It was always so bitter and dry looking to me as a child. But now, I absolutely love it, especially…

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borrowed: Herbed White Bean Crostini

So we tried this recipe out this evening with our Asparagus & Artichoke Quiche   and it was pretty good.  We didn’t have red crushed pepper, so we left that out and we warmed the bean dip on top of the baguettes as they “warmed/baked” in the oven… also we sprinkled with a bit of paremesan cheese.  Our oldest son LOVED these and kept asking for more.  There was enough for each of us, 4, to have 4 pieces… he had around 6 or 7.  haha!  Thanks for sharing this recipe!!!

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During our little road trip last week, we had the best lunch at Cibo in Sausalito and I haven’t been able to shake the craving for their white bean crostini (which was a surprise side dish that came with the quiche I ordered). So, yesterday, I attempted my own version and served us up a tasty, garlicky, herbed, white bean crostini lunch. I’ll admit it wasn’t as divine as Cibo’s was (theirs has magic in it), but it was delicious nonetheless. And so SO easy to throw together, I had lunch ready in about 15 minutes! This crostini has definitely landed a spot in our meal rotation. Recipe after the jump. xoxo!

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EZ Onion Quiche Recipe

If onions are healthy and good to have around… you might want to try this recipe – sounds good!!! (we may be giving this one a go once the onions come up from the garden)


  1. 1  cup saltines rolled into crumbs
  2. 1  cup butter melted
  3. 4  cup sweet or Vidalia onion thinly sliced
  4. 4  large eggs beaten
  5. 2  cup milk
  6. 1  cup sharp cheddar cheese-grated

salt and pepper to taste

Mix 1/2 cup butter with cracker crumbs and pat into 9-inch pie plate.saute onion in 1/2 cup butter.put onion into pie shell.Slowly add milk to eggs.pour over onion.sprinkle top with cheese.bake at 325F about 30 -35 minutes or until is cheese is light brown

Any questions  feel free to ask.

~Chef Enes~

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Deep dish quiche

My husband LOVES making quiches, this one might be right up his ally. We are working on eating more locally grown foods, and the items you have in this recipe are all items we’ll be able to purchase from our local farmer’s market this season… I think we’ll give it a go, well at least I’ll make him give it a go and I’ll eat it! 😉

Wendy's Place

This was a popular item on our menu at Chez Chloé. Deep dish savory torte. Deep dish quiche. Let me know if you think of the perfect name. Honestly, I can’t remember where I saw this the first time or if I made it up. I don’t think I can take the credit for the original idea but this is my recipe.

This is a great dish to serve for a Sunday brunch or to bring to a gathering. I brought this last week to my choir rehearsal…. and I was an hour late. 30 minutes because I had the start time wrong and 30 minutes because I forgot how long this monster needs to cook. So give yourself a break and do it the night before. You can warm it up in the morning. Or if you insist on baking it fresh… have your crust ready in the springform…

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Quick Blue Spinach

Mom/Aunt S.Swank… you two need to give this a try! Doesn’t this sound like it would be paired with grilled steak so nicely? MmMMmmm let me know if you try it and what you think!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

There is nothing like looking in your kitchen and finding the ingredients to try something new. You may recognize the spinach from the Low Carb Beef Stroganoff and the blue cheese from the Bacon, Blue Cheese and Apple Omelette.

Four ingredients: fresh spinach, lemon juice, blue cheese crumbles and bacon bits.

Fill a large skillet with the spinach and sprinkle about 2 T of lemon juice over the leaves. The lemon juice will help enhance the flavor of the spinach. Cover and heat over medium heat. As the leaves begin to wilt, add in about 1/2 cup of blue cheese crumbles and 1/4 cup of bacon bits.

Stir until the blue cheese begins to melt and the bacon is stirred in.

Serve and smile!

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What’s for Dinner: Menu Planning 101

Yay… I’m not the only one. Check out this blog entry for some helpful tips in making your meal planning easier for you. No families are going to plan the same, but getting into the habit is key… and perhaps these tips will help you form a good habit??

Hollie's Hobbies

I just don’t have time, it’s too hard to plan a menu, I never have the ingredients I need, these are several complaints I have heard from myself and friends as to why the food in the refrigerator  spoils and we end up eating out, getting take out or relying on convenience foods. The trick is to have a system in place, only buy what you need and to know your weekly schedule in advance. This will help you save time, money and your sanity. There are several ways to do this but I am going to share what works for me.

Pre planning, This can be the most time consuming of the process but is the key. I keep a spiral notebook that I use for everything that way I only have to look in one place for all I need to know. Mine has pockets which are useful…

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From the Kitchen: Rustic Plum Tart

What a delicious looking tart. We’ll have plums coming in season this summer here in MI and there is a grower that brings multiple types of plums to the local farmer’s market. We’ll have to give this tart a try with various types of plums!! Thanks for sharing.

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Good friends of ours became new parents for the first time about two weeks ago so when we went to visit their little one, we brought along dinner from one of our favorite restaurants and I made this rustic plum tart for dessert. I’ve always heard that you should bring new parents a good meal in lieu of flowers or a card because they’re so busy figuring out their new schedule that removing just one simple thing from their to-do list makes life easier. We happened to have about two pounds of really unripe plums in the fridge thanks to a recent Costco run (and the fact that plums aren’t quite in season yet in California) and we couldn’t let our massive load of fruit go to waste so making dessert to celebrate the new baby was the perfect excuse…not that I needed one. Thank goodness for newborns because this…

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