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Kale Chips – Once you start… you can’t stop!!

So it is a new family favorite in my house… Kale Chips! I had heard about using kale to make homemade alternatives to chips, but never tried it – until now!! We gave this a go a few weeks back with kale from our garden, and this week we purchased a bundle from the market – our poor plant was harvested down to the inner leaves and couldn’t feed us and our guests.

Here’s what we did…

Kale Chips
Harvest, or purchase at your local market, as much kale as you feel you need to feed everyone you are intending to serve.
Wash the kale well and place aside to dry OR wash and then cut it into chip size pieces and sit it aside to dry.
Once your kale is dried (this is to make sure it doesn’t steam in your oven, but actually bakes and gets crisp) spread it out on a cookie sheet (if it wasn’t previously cut then cut into bite sized pieces prior to spreading on the cookie sheet – we have done whole kale chips but it wasn’t as easy to “pop” in your mouth). A single layer of kale is better than stacking layers – this again is to make sure it is crispy.
Spray the kale with some olive oil and sprinkle salt/pepper on top.
Bake at 375 until crisp (this took our gas oven about 10-15 minutes).
Serve and enjoy!

We have also found this recipe to work on collard greens!!

**Note – unfortunately there are no photos for this recipe since they fly off the plate as soon as I serve them. Our oldest son can not get enough of these when I make them. Once he starts poppin them (in his mouth) there is just no stoppin him! 😉


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