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Eggs in a Nest – adapted from Babara Kingsolver: Animal Vegetable Miracle

So this evening was split down the middle.  I only made 5 eggs in a nest, and also I used spinach, not swiss chard – and instead of onions I used leeks.  I am not a big fan of brown rice, so for me that is where I found it hard to enjoy the taste… I did add a bit of soy and that helped a bit.  I also immediately began thinking what I can do to improve the dish later to add some more flavor to the rice itself.  S, our oldest, liked the dish.  He added soy sauce as well, but really enjoyed how the eggs were cooked.  He enjoys eggs that “run” and the poached egg fit his fancy.  The good ‘ole hubby J did not like the poached eggs.  He normally eats his eggs one of three ways: fried, scrambled or in an omelet.  So this poaching business was new to him and he would rather not revisit it again.  This is a light meal, depending on how heavy tasting you make your rice… AND it was super easy to do.  Check out the recipe here: 

Barbara Kingsolver wrote a good book, and if you have time/effort to read it, give it a go.  I love the book.  My aunt is currently borrowing my copy, but if I had it here again I would turn to it for a gardening resource, cookbook and a good read/laugh! 

Hope you enjoy your eggs in a nest!


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Spinach & Leek Pizza Rolls

1 pizza dough, divided into 4 equal pieces (balls)
10oz fresh spinach, chopped
8oz ricotta cheese
8oz mozzarella
4oz parmesan
~8-10 tbsp white sauce or spaghetti sauce
2 med/large leeks, sliced
Olive oil
Favorite seasonings (we used pizza seasonings)
1 small egg white, whisked with 1 tbsp water

what I did:
1. roll each pizza ball into individual ~9” pizzas, set aside

2. mix ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and seasonings, set aside
3. sauté leeks in olive oil, ~3 mins, add in half of spinach with a dash of salt and a dash of pepper, continue sautéing for ~3mins, add remaining spinach with more dashes of satl/pepper and finish sautéing ~3 more mins, set aside
4. place ¼ of the ricotta mixture in the center of each 9” pizza

5. top ricotta mixture with ~2tbsp of white sauce or spaghetti sauce, then top with ¼ of spinach mixture from pan

6. roll up (like rolling a burrito) and seal WELL… seal both the seam and the ends, keep it all inside, brush the outter layer with the egg white and top with some parmesan if you’d like

7. bake @425 for ~20-25mins

THIS is the reason you want to SEAL WELL!  I am not a great sealer, as you can tell!  😛

**adapted from Great American Home Baking – Main Dish – card 27

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HOMEMADE Herbed Fettuccini









1 cup all purpose flour
2 eggs
2 tbsp snipped fresh parsley
1 tbsp vegetable oil (we used safflower oil, no veggie oil in the house)
1 tsp salt
1 garlic clove, pressed

**we doubled the recipe – so everything up top x2

what I did:
1. place flour in a large mixing bowl
2. whisk eggs, then mix in parsley, oil, salt and garlic
3. create a well in the flour mixture and pour in the egg mixture
4. mix well until dough ball forms
5. knead for a few minutes on a lightly floured surface, till dough firms up
6. let sit covered for 30 mins
7. divide your dough into 4 ~equal balls  
8. roll each ball to a dimension of 12×4 (or as close as you can get it)

9. cut (I found using a pizza cutter worked well for this) into ¼ inch strips and then separate

10. allow noodles to dry for 30 mins or more

11. place in boiling water for ~3 mins, or until desired firmness
12. toss with desired toppings and serve

We tossed our noodles with sautéed leeks, spinach and asparagus, then dusted with fresh parmesan.  We sautéed in mainly olive oil, with a hint of butter… it tasted great with a fresh butter lettuce salad.  It wasn’t too heavy or to light, it was perfect for our 67 degree evening. 

**Pampered Chef: Cooking for two & more – page 11

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Sauteed Spinach

Here is the site I used to figure out “how to” sauté spinach:

 This is what I used:

1 medium leek, thinly sliced

4 cloves garlic, minced

5oz of fresh spinach

Olive oil



Soy sauce

Worchester sauce

 This is what I did:

  1. I sautéed the leeks and garlic for ~3mins, then added in ½ the spinach with some salt, pepper
  2. I cooked the first half for a min or two, then added the second half with some more salt and pepper – just a dash
  3. I continued cooking for a min or two
  4. turned the heat off, tossed it in the soy/Worchester sauce and served

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Leek and Ricotta Tartes

We LOVE cheese, and leeks are becoming a new fav. We loves the flavor (and smell) they give off when cooking/eating them!! (I currently have them cooking in the crock pot with chicken right now.) I am going to give this recipe a go this summer. It seems like a simple/quick lunch/dinner to make. Paired with a salad this will be perfect!!

The Taste Revelation

Today was a beautiful sunny day and the first time that I went to work by bike. The weather is quite mild these days, so we can sit on the balcony in the evening and have some good food. I was seeing this receipe in a magazine the other day and I thought this sounds like good stuff to have on a spring evening with a little glas of white wine.

The tartes are easy to prepare and you can always vary the receipe in case you do not have all the ingredients at home.

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