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NO FAIL Gnocchi

So I started making this “no-fail gnocchi” that Light & Tasty magazine (Feb/Mar 2007 issue) says will be “stress free” and guarantee “success”… well I did NOT have success.  So here is the recipe:
• Ingredients:
o 2lbs russet potatoes
o Water
o 1 1/3 cup all purpose flour
o 1 egg
o ¾ tsp salt
o 5 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry

• Directions:
o Boil potatoes until tender, drain and begin cooking potatoes again in the same pot until steam stops coming off them
o Put the potatoes through a ricer or a fine mesh strainer
o Allow to cool a bit and create a well in the potatoes
o Sprinkle flour over potatoes and into the well
o Whisk egg and mix in salt/spinach, then pour into the well
o Mix all the ingredients together until soft dough ball forms, knead 10-12 times to achieve soft dough
o Divide into 4 portions, roll out into rope ~1/2 inch thick
o Cut into ¾” pieces
o Press with a floured fork
o Boil for ~30-60 secs, toss and serve

Let me know how this goes for you!!!


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