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Deep dish quiche

My husband LOVES making quiches, this one might be right up his ally. We are working on eating more locally grown foods, and the items you have in this recipe are all items we’ll be able to purchase from our local farmer’s market this season… I think we’ll give it a go, well at least I’ll make him give it a go and I’ll eat it! 😉

Wendy's Place

This was a popular item on our menu at Chez Chloé. Deep dish savory torte. Deep dish quiche. Let me know if you think of the perfect name. Honestly, I can’t remember where I saw this the first time or if I made it up. I don’t think I can take the credit for the original idea but this is my recipe.

This is a great dish to serve for a Sunday brunch or to bring to a gathering. I brought this last week to my choir rehearsal…. and I was an hour late. 30 minutes because I had the start time wrong and 30 minutes because I forgot how long this monster needs to cook. So give yourself a break and do it the night before. You can warm it up in the morning. Or if you insist on baking it fresh… have your crust ready in the springform…

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